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Membership Costs

The annual subscription is $15 for singles and $20 for a married couple.  All new members pay a once only registration fee of $8 per person in addition to the annual subscription.  This includes the provision of a COCOA name badge.

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Subscription includes four tri-monthly issues of the club’s newsletter (the “BUGLE”) which is emailed.

Holiday Costs

The average all inclusive cost for a six day, five night holiday is between $400 and $450.

The cost varies according to location and resources provided.  All the holidays are fully catered for and members are not asked to do chores other than to keep their area clean and tidy, and to help set up and clean away for meals.  Of course, minor assistance to staff is always appreciated.

The staff consists of a trained leader and an assistant.  In the matter of organised holidays, the leader will contact every applicant and supply further information such as timetable, transport, what to bring etc.

Other COCOA activities

Several one day outings such as coach tours with lunch provided are arranged, and from time to time the club negotiates other functions of interest to members.

The average cost of an outing is approximately $40.00. NB When you apply for any outing we save costs by not producing and posting tickets.  We make a full refund if we cannot accommodate you.  So if you don’t hear from us, you may take it for granted that you have a seat on the outing.


Full Payment for outings Tours and Holidays are made with your application.  If, for any reason, your application is not successful, a FULL refund is made. If your application is accepted and you then cancel it, a refund is made, less a cancellation penalty. If you cancel an activity with less than 14 days notice, the penalty may be up to 50% of the cost.  If a member can be found who will take your place, a penalty is not charged.