Come Out Camping Older Adults

COCOA is a non profit club for older adults based in Perth, Western Australia and run by volunteers.  We organise camps in regional locations where we stay in cabin or dormitory accommodation and enjoy a holiday atmosphere with a variety of activities from bushwalking to archery.

The aim is to provide members with opportunities to meet and enjoy the company of like minded people of the same general age group.  It is all about fun and enjoying life.

Membership is not expensive ($15 singles $20 couples per year).

What is COCOA?

COCOA is an abbreviation for ‘Come Out Camping Older Adults’

COCOA was started in 1987 by a small group of slightly older adults, about 30 in all, who’s desire was to stay young and vital for as long as possible,  without having to compete against the younger generation.  They arranged to hold recreational lifestyle holidays and day outings to achieve these aims.

The club is now over 200 members strong and after 30+ years we are still following their dream.

The Club’s Aims

To provide members with opportunities to meet and enjoy the company of like minded people of the same general age group.

To promote and maintain both mental and physical fitness among members.

To hold recreation lifestyle holidays and other activities so that the clubs aims be achieved.

For company and friendship.

What We Do

We organise a number of camps each year.  Most are 6 days (5 nights) and are held in school camps (outside of school holidays) or YHA sites.   We do not stay in tents.

The camps include a variety of indoor and outdoor activities including full day outings such as a coach tour.

From time to time the club arranges other functions of interest to  members.  These can be as simple as meeting for a takeaway lunch on the foreshore.

Lifestyle holidays are held at different locations like Bunbury, Bridgetown, Albany, Rockingham, Jurien bay, Pinjarra and many other places in Western Australia.  Accommodation consists of shared 2 to 8 bedded rooms or units in comfortable accommodation like school dormitories (during holiday time) or YHA sites.  They enable members to try their hand at a range of activities suited to the location and the time of the year. These might include gentle exercises, archery, bushwalking, canoeing, orienteering, swimming, games, etc. Evenings are usually given over to indoor games, quizzes, theme nights, and the like.

Club members may also arrange a longer tour every second year, when we either coach or fly to a destination, staying in hotels or cabins, and these usually last longer than six days.  These are generally organised by a club member in conjunction with a recognised tour agency.  

The club does not aim to make a profit, but obviously we must be self supporting, as the Club is not subsidised.  Consistent with the provision of nourishing food and reasonable comfort , we aim to make our activities affordable.  The average all inclusive cost for a six day, five night holiday is between $380 and $440 dollars.  Most activities (especially the camps) are accessible by public transport so a car is not necessary.

The “Bugle” Newsletter is always full of information about matters of interest to members, including application forms for Holidays Tours, outings, and a program of other activities conducted by the club for its members.  Also useful articles on health and fitness, a little humour and a little philosophy.